Taos Opens to Snowboarders in March

Taos, New MexicoAnd then there were three. After a lifetime of turning its back on our one planked brothers and sisters, Taos announced plans to allow snowboarders in March. Now only three resorts remain closed to snowboarders: Alta, Utah, Deer Valley, Utah and Mad River Glen, Vermont. Here’s an article I wrote about Taos and here’s more on the announcement from ABC news.

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  • Jack

    That kind of bums me out…. I just don’t like the impact that snowboarders have on snow quality. They take snow off ruins and carve stuff up in irregular ways.

  • Its about time! Any mountain that is this off the back with snowboarding is just stupid. It is such a loss in revenue. Regardless of your opinion of snowboarding, it is a huge part of the snow sports industry. And you know what else, you stodgey old hardcores? It is actually fun:)