NOAA Calls for at Least Two Feet of Snow

Winter Storm Warning for Lake Tahoe >>

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  • Well, I’m glad you’re enjoying powder out there on the west because I almost lost my life on the east coast when I ate shit this past Sunday.

    I was at Jay Peak and I was taking the trail next to the triple that goes under the “Green Mountain Freezer” lift, which is always icy and packed even after they claim 8ft in the past 6 minutes or whatever they lie about on their homepage. I couldn’t see out of my goggles and I’m not very good on teles, YET, but I decided I should just pick up a little speed and get through the bad section of trail and regroup. Well, about 200 yards down, this is on my first run mind you, I did something wrong on one of my turns and started a series of cartwheels toward the cliff on the left and the imminent tree death below. Luckily the guys at the rental shop must have known I was coming because they outfitted me with a fancy pair of bindings that have a break away mechanism which releases the ski from my boot, otherwise I would probably be looking at knee surgery on top of nursing my swollen thumb and egg shaped addition to my head.

    I’m not really sure what happened after things started, but something, either the ski or my boot hit me hard enough to leave a volley ball sized imprinted bruise on my inner thigh first. I then must have decided subconsciously that my thumb is strong enough to stop my descent and decided to jam that in the ice as well. So I’m tumbling with a ski or boot ricocheting off my thigh, my thumb stuck in the ice and then I either smack my head (minus helmet… another story) or something smacks my head, I’m guessing the evil ski again. So, being the badass that I am and trying to save my dignity I bounce up and notice my ski rocketing down the mountain obviously trying to put an end to some unsuspecting skitard below.

    Of all things, a passing boarder grabs my ski and props it up so I can limp down the hill and pick up scattered dignity along the way.

    All-in-all I’m actually really happy this all happened because I was reminded by all the loud hooting an hollering in the lodge about this being the “best conditions ever” and other obvious lies that I really really don’t like snow sports on the east.

    So, enjoy your freshies. I hate you.

  • I’m just kidding Susan, I don’t hate you at all. I love you because you listen.

  • ticia

    what a whiny baby. you are just smarting from you decision to go with the telemarking instead of being smart (and much cooler) and sticking with the boarding. loser.

    (kidding, i am really glad you didn’t bash your gourd open my little bro.)

    oh. and that isn’t very nice of you, to point out just How Much Better you have it out there. snotball.

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