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Month: November 2007

Ski BASE off Reno’s Silver Legacy

Jesse Hall’s Ski BASE off the Silver LegacyYesterday, Shane McConkey, J.T. Holmes, Miles Daisher and Jesse Hall jumped off the roof of the Silver Legacy Casino in Reno, Nevada. Skiing off a ramp, they launched into the air, throwing flips and smacking skis to asphalt in the parking lot below. Sometimes, wind would blow the jumpers backward on landing, toppling them over if they weren’t grabbed by friends in time. Each jumper made two jumps, with one sketchy situation between them. On the second flip of his second jump, Jesse Hall’s ski got caught in his parachute. He slammed down two blocks from the parking lot, hurting his knee, but walking away.
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$35 Locals Massage in Truckee

Mark LundbeckFew bodies beg to be massaged more than skiers’. Between cranking out end-of-season mountain bike rides, pounding nails or hunching over the keyboard, our muscles are begging for it. With the going rates, it’s usually a once a year splurge, but Mark “the pretzel” Lundbeck’s fall locals massage special makes it affordable — even for ski bums. Mark also teaches yoga classes at Sierra Sports & Physical Therapy and Tahoe Yoga. Not the mat-toting, PrAna pant wearing type? It’s cool. Mark’s yoga does the job without taking itself too seriously. You’ll be laughing more than chanting.

New Boards and Bindings!

Volkl MantraIt is safe to say that getting brand new gear at the beginning of the season never gets old. My new Mantra’s arrived today! They’re fat and shapely, have a bad-ass sword on then, and they’re brand spanking new. But the best part (I hope) is yet to come….

I have a pair of Marker Jester bindings on order — these are the first bindings truly designed for fat skis. Up until now, you’d just add a pair of wide brakes to a traditional binding and call it good. The Jester is actually a wider binding, covering more of the width of a fat ski. It’s designed to give you Marker Jester Bindingmore control over your skis, by distributing your weight over the entire width of the ski, rather than just in the middle. I’ll give the report here as soon as we get some snow. In the meantime, I’m manifesting it as the best ski setup of my life.


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