You are booking your first skiing trip of the year. You might be a beginner who has never been on snow or you could be getting back into your favorite winter sport after a break. You’ve chosen the resort, but what to wear? Here is our guide to your essential dos and don’ts of skiing fashion.


– Stick to one look. Don’t be tempted to mix and match. If you want to stand out,  you can go for prints or metallics but whatever you do, choose a particular look and stay with it.

– Get a jacket that is versatile so you can wear it both on and off the slopes. It shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve with the trend for slimmer jackets.

– Go for layers. You should have on a base layer, like a thermal t-shirt. Over this is your mid-layer, like a fleece, and on top of that is your waterproof ski jacket.

– Pack for apres ski. You will be going out to bars, restaurants and perhaps even clubs so bring along a few dressy items too. There are plenty of long sleeved tops that can act as your base layer and look glamorous off the slopes.

– Pimp your goggles! Get yourself a pair of bright, funky goggles to spice up your outfit.

– Choose comfort over fashion. I know the two don’t usually exist hand in hand but it’s important to be comfortable on the slopes. If that cool, sexy jacket doesn’t quite fit, then go for something that does. You don’t want your skiing experience to be ruined by ill-fitting clothes.

– Accessorize. Hats and gloves are essentials so keep in mind your overall look and find some accessories to match. Beanies are in. Gloves must be warm and dry.


– Be tempted to ever get a skiing onesie (unless you’re going for the retro look). Those things went out along with the 80s!

– Puffy is definitely OUT, fitted and slim is most definitely IN.

– Buy shiny white clothing or you may never be seen again…..!


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