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Month: June 2008

Ortovox S1 Sensor Tranceiver Propels Sales

Ortovox S1 SensorOrtovox saw a 49% increase in sales last season, with their new S1 Sensor Transceiver accounting for most of the increase.

The flip open S1 Sensor Tranceiver transmits with a turn of an external switch built into the case’s hinge. Opening the case puts the user in search mode, where the LCD screen becomes a digital “map” with body icons for each of the four closest buried victims. As the searcher moves the S1’s screen continually updates the size, position, and corresponding numeric distance readout for each icon in real-time.

Built-in digital compass and inclinometer sensors provide directional information, in addition to the base distance and direction data delivered to the S1’s microprocessor via its three antennas. The S1 digests and converts all of this burial-location data into screen displays for precision in single and multiple rescue scenarios. The software allows each victim, once pinpointed, to be electronically marked or “flagged” allowing the S1 searcher to move on and pinpoint the location of the next
closest victim.

The S1 also contains a digital thermometer, battery life readout and self-diagnostic tools.

Summer Ski Las Lenas, Argentina

In July 2001, I flew to South America to ski Las Lenas, Argentina. We got several feet of snow the first night had the whole powder-covered mountain to ourselves. The best thing about Las Lenas, aside from its long, steep chutes is its lack of crowds. Argentineans prefer to stay on the intermediate trails or in the lodge, especially when it snows. For lots more detail, here’s an article I wrote on my trip to Las Lenas, Argentina. Here are the photos.

Tahoe Local Attempts to Ski Gasherbrum, Pakistan

“After lots of packing and planning I am ready to leave this morning for Pakistan with a solid crew of skiers to attempt to ski Gasherbrum 2, the worlds 13th highest mountain. We land in Islamabad on the 6th and make our way North to Askole where we will begin trekking up the Indus valley and onto the Baltoro Glacier, Here, at base camp, we will have about 25 days to rest, acclimatize and try for the summit. we have set up a Blog for people to follow our progress,
-Kip Garre

Ski Mt Shasta This Summer

mt shastaIt takes a little bit of motivation, some camping supplies and a decent level of fitness, but don’t let that stop you from skiing Mt Shasta this summer. My trip up the Brewer Creek (eastern) Route in August 2005 was one of the most exhilarating experience of my life. Because it was late in the season, we hiked up to the snow line, set up camp there, and woke up around 4 am to start our ascent. The snow turned pretty slushy as we neared the summit around noon, but most of the 7,000+ foot descent was creamy corn! Here’s an article with lots of details on how to ski the main route >