Ortovox S1 SensorOrtovox saw a 49% increase in sales last season, with their new S1 Sensor Transceiver accounting for most of the increase.

The flip open S1 Sensor Tranceiver transmits with a turn of an external switch built into the case’s hinge. Opening the case puts the user in search mode, where the LCD screen becomes a digital “map” with body icons for each of the four closest buried victims. As the searcher moves the S1’s screen continually updates the size, position, and corresponding numeric distance readout for each icon in real-time.

Built-in digital compass and inclinometer sensors provide directional information, in addition to the base distance and direction data delivered to the S1’s microprocessor via its three antennas. The S1 digests and converts all of this burial-location data into screen displays for precision in single and multiple rescue scenarios. The software allows each victim, once pinpointed, to be electronically marked or “flagged” allowing the S1 searcher to move on and pinpoint the location of the next
closest victim.

The S1 also contains a digital thermometer, battery life readout and self-diagnostic tools.