Oakley Behave SunglassesOakely Behave Sunglasses
The Behave builds on the classic Top Gun look, adding touches like polarized carbonic lenses and two-tone arms. Despite the small to medium-sized fit, the full-sized lenses offer maximum sun and wind protection while on a highway to the danger zone. $80 (polarized), oakley.com

Orage Brazillia Tweed JacketOrage Brazillia Tweed Jacket
This ain’t your grandpa’s tweed coat. In fact, it’s not tweed at all. The shell is made from a waterproof PR1MEtweedlike material and has a detachable hood, fleece-liner collar, and neoprene wrist cuffs. The jacket’s muted gray colors, leather-accented zippers, and funky print lining offer a blend of refinement and spunk. Unlike grandpa. $340, orageski.com

Obermeyer Illusion Pant
A slim fit at the waist and a reverse taper give this pant that Levis styling—baggy, relaxed, and flattering. They more pockets than you have things to put in them, and sealed seams, powder cuffs and leg ventilation. Plus, they’re available in corduroy. $139, obermeyer.com

Spy Bias GoggleSpy Bias Goggle
A sleek and spherical lens, reduced frame size, and triple layer foam combine to fit a woman’s face like a pair of designer jeans. The gold accents and a bold-but-tasteful pink and black motif offer classy flair. [$100, spyoptic.com]

Salmon Divine Origins Helmet
The two-tone design uses hard plastic in the upper shell and embossed leather for the lower part. Engage the ventilation with the flip of a switch on the top, and close it up when you start to cool down. Cozy faux fur prevents frozen lobes, and the hybrid (hard plastic upper and softer, leather lower shell covering) design eliminates bobble-head syndrome. $185, salomonski.com

Manzella Inferno Component GloveManzella Inferno Component Glove
Three gloves in one: you can wear the black neoprene liners alone on spring days, the liners with the fleece-lined shells on arctic days, and the insulated shell without the liner for the in-betweens. The shell has reinforced leather palms to reduce pole-grip wear and a soft leather nose-wipe on the outside of the thumb. $50, manzella.com

Pistil Sprout Hat
Soft on the inside, burly on the outside, the fleece-lined Sprout is made from 100-percent boiled Schoeller wool, or “lana cotta” in the romance language. Its timeless, weathered look derives from the boiling process and a unique weave on a 50-year-old Italian knitting machine holds it together. $34, pistildesigns.com

Bridgedale Women’s Heel Fit Socks Bridgedale Women’s Heel Fit Socks
Women’s narrow heels often slide out of the boot’s heel pocket, causing blisters and hindering performance. A custom boot fit is the cure, but the extra padding in these lightweight socks helps ensure a snug fit. $20, bridgedale.com


Deuter Freerider 22SL Pack

Deuter Freerider 22SL Pack

Pack it to the gills and this versatile pack stays slim. Contoured shoulder straps and a thin waist strap keep it anchored. Cushy padding protects your back and lets air circulate. A ski attachment system and interior probe and shovel pockets let you leave gates with confidence. $95, deuterusa.com

Scott Black Velvet Pole
Jet-black, sleek and silky smooth, this velvet-clad pole whispers sex from, uhm, grip to shaft. A matching, velvet Alibi goggle ties the steeze together. And should you feel a bit kinkier, both goggle and pole come in leather, too. $110, scottusa.com

Giro Crepes Suzette Après Boot
Helmet-maker Giro waltzes onto the footwear scene this season with its new earth-tone kicks. The leather, moccasin-styled Crepe Suzette boot has a cream colored canvas upper a sole-to-ankle side lace. A zipper down the heel lets you in and out. $125, giro.com

Sanyo Xacti E1Sanyo Xacti E1
Take six-megapixel high-res still shots and high-quality MPEG-4 video with this tiny waterproof camera. The small, vertical unit can be operated with one gloved hand, and the 2.5-inch viewfinder is the largest Sanyo’s ever made. A 5x optical zoom lets you film soulful close-ups. The digital files transfer seamlessly to your computer for your YouTube debut. $500, sanyodigital.com



Spyder Venom Godfather Jacket and Pant
Cruising further away from its racer roots, Spyder’s rider-driven, big-mountain Venom line features this Thermoloft-insulated technical performer with muted style. The textile-like shell has with a water-repellant coating with mesh chest vents, taped seems, and a burly detachable hood.
$300 (jacket), $200 (pant); venom.spyder.com

Dragon Mace Goggle
When you’re hauling ass down a big line, your eyes are your most important tools. The Mace provides superb peripheral vision, complete optical clarity, and good airflow to prevent fog. Microfleece-lined face foam and a wide strap keeps them in place. $95, dragonalliance.com

Bolle Troost Sunglasses
These lightweight polarized shades can take a beating—and make you look like you can dole one out. $139; bolle.com

Marker Ripper HelmetMarker Ripper Helmet
This burly noggin-saver has a bolted-on, removable chin guard and visor for those rocky hazards. Lightweight despite its strength, it won’t weigh you down . while 11 vents will ensure cooler heads prevail. $200, markerusa.com

Holden Gaf Beanie
A big day on the hill sets you up for quality downtime in the evenings. The earth-toned Gaf beanie has a cozy, loose-knit construction and full-coverage fit to keep you toasty while lounging, sipping beers, and generally hanging out. $31, holdenouterwear.com

Level Rexwood Glove
Supple 100% Pittard’s leather and a trim, no-bulk cut give the Rexwood enough flair for Italian motorcycle drivers. They also come in a brown leather and houndstooth version but, bella, that just ain’t our style. $90; levelgloves.com

Smartwool Skiing Light Pro Socks
A lean, well-fitting sock is the key to keeping feet warm and comfortable in your boots. Light padding in the shins and soles protect sensitive areas, and the wicking merino wool keeps you warm, dry, and smelling fresh. $19, smartwool.com

Sessions d3o Diffusion First Layering
The foam-rubber-like d30 elbow and knee pads in Session’s latest base layers harden on impact, protecting your extremities from whatever threatens you—be it rocks, trees, ice, nightclub bouncers, or commitment. $40–$50; sessions.com

Leki Trigger S Ski Pole Binding
They keep your boots on your skis, why not your hands on your poles? The releasable grip/strap binding system uses a power strap that attaches to the back of the grip and Velcros on to your glove. If you take a digger, it auto-releases under pressure. The pole has a 10-degree angle for quicker planting. $79 to $149, leki.com

BCA Stash BC Pack
This year, Boulder-based pack maker BCA upgraded their flagship line lightening the load by minimizing layering and welding seams. New temperature-regulating Outlast material in the shoulder straps draws heat from the body, stores it and uses it to keep the bite-value unfrozen when you take off the pack or ride the lift.. Their Stash BC winter hydration system remains one of the best in the biz. $125; bcaccess.com

Freestyle Audio DMP
Weighing less than 35 grams, this mp3 player is waterproof up to 10 feet so you can take it out in a storm, and has easy-to-use buttons to change tunes on the fly. The USB-interface works on both Macs and PCs, and the rechargeable battery lasts up to 40 hours. That’s a lot of cowbell. $100 (1 GB), freestyleaudio.com