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Shane McConkey Documentary Trailer

Red Bull Media House and Matchstick Productions are producing a documentary on the life and legend of Shane McConkey. The film is being made with the help of Rob Bruce, Scott Gaffney and documentary filmmaker David Zieff. Here is the promotional trailer for the film expected to be released in 2013.

Feel the PAIN of PMS this weekend

The second annual Pain McShlonkey Classic will be held at Squaw Valley this weekend. The event kicks off Friday afternoon at Rocker. SBDC author Rob McCormick will be djing on the Red Bull sound car from 2:30 to 4pm. Skydivers will drop into the Valley weather permitting. Must see events include the Snowlerblade Chinese Downhill at 9am on Saturday followed by the Extreme Small Mountain Competition at 10:30am. Don’t miss this weekend long tribute to Shane McConkey.
Pain McShlonkey Classic Schedule of Events

Snowlerblade Chinese Downhill and Small Mountain Competition Venues

Product Review – Tecnica Cochise Pro Light AT Boot

Tecnica Cochise Pro Light

By Rob McCormick

Now that ski season finally showed up, I have skied my Tecnica Cochise Pro Lights enough to write a proper review. With designs inspired by the late Arnie Backstrom, Tecnica wasted no time jumping into the AT/Sidecountry boot market. First with the Tecnica Cochise Pro and now with it’s lighter cousin the Cochise Pro Light. The Pro Light saves weight in several ways. It replaced the top strap/buckle combo used on the Cochise Pro with just a power strap. The remaining three buckles are made from lighter material, the rubber instep grip has been removed and a lighter Intuition Liner has been used. All said and done the modifications save roughly half pound per boot.

Moving on to performance, the Cochise Pro Light handles better on both the uphill and descent than my previous high performance AT boots. I started off on the right foot (no pun intended) by getting custom footbeds and cooking the liners. From day one they fit like a dream. The transition from walk to ski mode is flawless with a simple pull up on a strap for walk and easy push down for ski. The walk mobility is phenomenal! Tremendous range of motion on the climb and amazingly comfy for post ski walking back to the car or bar. I usually can’t wait to get my boots off after skiing. With the Pro Light, I can transition right into apres ski without wasting valuable time switching out of boots. Last but definitely not least, the Cochise Pro Light skis like a champ. The exceptional hybrid performance can be attributed to the cuff mobility system, which uses metal to metal contact between the cuff and the shell. It goes without saying they are Dynafit compatible and all high wear parts can be replaced. I have an extremely low volume foot so I had to take up some space in the toe box. Beyond that, no blisters, no pressure points, no discomfort, super mobile on the up and rocking on the down. I can’t wait to take these things on longer tours as the spring cycle kicks into gear.

A look back at March 19

Tahoe ski conditions went from magical to manked out in 24 hours. Monday = magical, Tuesday = completely manked out. The trees dropped all of their snow bombs in about six hours and the snow caked winter wonderland came to an abrupt hault. Here are some images from magical Monday, March 19, 2012.

Long Awaited Legend of Aahhhs is FINALLY Released!

Back in 2009, SBDC ran a post about the status of Greg Stump’s monumental film project called the Legend of Aahhhs. The movie was slated to be released later that year. Well it’s 2012 now and apparently Stumpy has conquered legal battles, focus groups and anything else standing in his way and the film is finally done. We are not sure if/when a Tahoe premiere is in store but it can’t come soon enough. Though somewhat of a deviant and frequently misunderstood, Greg is one of the most provocative, influential and compelling ski filmmakers of all time.

Theatrical trailer for the originally anticipated release date of 2009:

Mr. Stumps progression as a man child:


If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s that Tahoe weather always evens itself out. If we get an especially wet cycle, it will be offset by a drought and vice versa. It’s one of the things that makes this place so special. In most winter communities it would be inconceivable to get enough precipitation to rebound the water table at this point in the season. But not here in Tahoe. We live in the land of the 100 inch storm cycle. We are disappointed in anything measured in less than feet. This winter has been one of the worst on record but it looks likes the tides are about to shift. Check out this link from Tahoe’s favorite weather guru at Tahoe Weather Discussion. The quotes halfway through the post are priceless. Now it’s time sit back, relax, and let the good times roll!
Tahoe Weather Discussion Report on Torrential Precipitation Predicted for the Greater Lake Tahoe Area

Attention Bay Area Shredders

A Weekend with the Bay Area Ski Bus
By Rachel Friedman

In my short time living in the Bay Area, I have met my fair share of skiers and snowboarders. Having recently moved from Vail, Colorado, I welcome any conversation that has to do with snow. Transportation to Lake Tahoe comes up often. Living five minutes away from the mountain, transportation was never a problem. But it is a true dilemma for a lot of Bay Area residents. And THIS is where the Bay Area Ski Bus comes into play. For all you skiers and snowboarders who don’t own a car or have a ride for the weekend, the BASB has got your back. With three different trip options, there is something for everyone: the One Day Trip ($109), the 2-Day Hotel Trip ($269), and the 2-Day Ski House Trip ($389). My boyfriend, Mike, and I were lucky enough to spend a recent weekend in North Lake Tahoe, courtesy of the BASB and their hospitable crew. We sampled part of the One Day Trip and part of the 2-Day Ski House Trip.

Since we had to catch the bus at 5am, we dragged ourselves out of sweet slumber to the bus pick up. Riding the BASB let us catch up on the rest of our much-needed sleep. There’s a lot to be said about curling up in a ball to catch some zzzz, knowing that when you awake, the mountain will be waiting for you. An hour out from Squaw, our hosts, Kelly and Loretta, woke us with bagels, Danishes, yogurt, and juice to fuel our adventure for the day. YUM!

The bus parked close to the base area and the hosts swiftly passed out our ski tickets and gave us instructions for the day. Mike and I got in a full day of riding, though the conditions weren’t exactly what we had hoped. Dreams of pow turns will have to wait for another trip. At 3:30pm, the BASB hosts set up an après ski spread with wine, beer, hot chocolate, and snacks. If we had driven ourselves up to Tahoe, having a couple of cocktails after riding all day wouldn’t be ideal, but with the BASB, all we would have to do is get on the bus and watch movies until we got home.

Instead of getting on the bus back to San Francisco, we hopped on the van to the Ski House in Tahoe Donner with our host, Nick. We stopped at the grocery store so we and the other guests could pick up some dinner supplies. The house was cozy, and everyone in our group of eight had a room. It was a great atmosphere for meeting potential new ski buddies. We soaked in the hot tub, played pool, ate dinner, and just hung out. Brad, the caretaker, and our hosts, Nick and Kelly, added a great dynamic to the group. In the morning, they cooked breakfast before we headed out to Sugar Bowl. Because our group was small, our timing was flexible, and we didn’t feel rushed. The van dropped us off right at the base of Sugar Bowl and we spent the day exploring this hidden gem of a mountain.

If you want to go shred the mountains of Tahoe, the Bay Area Ski Bus offers an efficient, organized, and laid-back experience. You’ll feel relaxed and you can get all the days you need on the hill. Check out the Bay Area Ski Bus for dates and prices. Follow me on Twitter @RachShredGnar.

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