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Month: November 2012

Sherpas continue to step up

If you’re going to do something many others are already doing, you may as well be different. From high performance cameras and renowned athletes, to computer graphics and promotional efforts, Sherpas Cinema spare nothing when it comes to making their ski films extraordinary. Adding climbing legends Jimmy Chin and Conrad Anker to their tribe only stands to further enrich their quest for the high alpine terrain embodied in their namesake. The Sherpas are halfway through their latest two year project called Into the Mind. Here’s a look into the future:

Into The Mind – Official Teaser from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

A burst and a break

Squaw parking lot Wednesday afternoon.

A steady mix of rain and snow fell in Squaw Valley today before clearing this evening. A larger system moves into town late Thursday.

Mostly clear skies over Truckee on Wednesday evening.

Gorilla Glue Expoxy

Need to fix a broken pole strap,  boot liner or ski rack? Gorilla Glue Epoxy is a two-part, water-resistant epoxy that sets in five minutes. Clamp the broken parts together for 30-minutes and the epoxy will fully cure in 24 hours. It dries crystal clear, so there are no glue marks or discoloration. Lightweight, mess-free and easy to use, you can keep it in your pack and have it ready whenever you need it.

About to Turn

Sierra Buttes, November 26, 2012 (photo: Andrew Schnier)

Perfect, crisp fall weather will turn into a massive water event later this week. Five to ten inches of liquid is expected from Wednesday through Sunday with snow levels fluctuating between 6,000 and 8,500 feet. Though it will be very soggy in town, higher elevations could be standing at base depths of four to eight feet by next week.

Here’s the scoop from our favorite weather source:
Incoming weather from Tahoe Weather Discussion

A Holiday Ski Weekend in November

Riding the white horse at Sugar Bowl on November 10.

November doesn’t typically offer stellar holiday weekend skiing but this this Veterans Day proved differently.

30 inches of new snow blankets the Pacific Crest.

Boreal injects some manufactured snow into the equation.

Light and Dry

KT 22 on November 10, 2012

Blower pow is not what we need right now to set up a base but it sure looks pretty. Hopefully warmer temps in the middle of the week will help consolidate the new snow  before the next system rolls in towards the weekend.

Nearly two feet of extremely low moisture content snow fell in Squaw Valley over the last few days.