The weather has been good to Lake Tahoe this week. Two feet of snow have fallen on the mountains, blanketing the icy layer. NOAA is calling for another two feet by tomorrow night, just in time for Robb Gaffney’s “ski the book” Squallywood clinic on Saturday. I’ll be watching footage from the day at the party on Saturday evening and reporting back here on it. Next up is SIA. One of the coolest things on the radar isn’t a new ski or jacket, but a new packaging and shipping system that is being presented to the snow sports industry at SIA. The system reduces the amount of material used for shipping skis, boards and accessories to dealers and consumers (no more little goggle in a big box syndrome) and uses renewable, recyclable materials, like corn-based packing peanuts to protect goods. More to come on this on day one of the show (Tuesday, January 29th).