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Kombi Espresso GloveKombi Espresso Glove
Now that spring skiing is here, I’ve been wearing these new gloves almost everyday. Kombi’s new women’s Espresso glove is perfect for spring, but also warm enough for winter (if you’re not prone to cold hands). It’s completely low-profile and bulk-free, but it doesn’t feel tight or restrictive. The fingers are articulated for excellent dexterity. The micro-fiber/leather/suede shell, insulation, waterproof insert and wicking lining make the Espresso surprisingly warm and weather-proof; I’ve even worn them out in storms without going numb. To top it all off, the coloring and styling is sophisticated putting a city-ish look in a technical mountain glove. kombiltd.com

Opedix Knee Action Ski & Board Tights

Opedix Knee Action TightsDesigned to reduce strain and stress on your knees and improve balance and coordination, Opedix Knee Action tights are reinforced with extra supportive material down the outside of the legs from waist to ankle and surrounding the knee. The tights are a slim-fitting base layer that’s thick enough to keep you warm on cold days. But the support they provide is the most notable advantage. I felt like the strategically placed material supported my muscles and helped keep them engaged and aligned while downhill skiing, x-c skiing and doing yoga. Instead of having to focus on tightening the quad, hamstrings and glutes, they felt like they were already tightened and engaged, letting me make the next turn or stride more powerfully and easily. Though people with serious knee problems will wear a brace, these tights offer preventative protection to those who are trying to prevent an injury or re-injury. Get details on the technology here >

High Sierra Wheeled Carry-On

High Sierra Wheeled BackpackI just got a new wheeled carry-on bag from High Sierra! Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, High Sierra is the official bag supplier for the US Ski and Snowboard teams. The best thing about this carry-on is that it’s not black! Mine is bright green, sure not to be mistaken for someone else’s on the conveyor. It’s also made of ultra-durable fabric and packed with thoughtful features. The main bag has wheels and zip-out shoulder straps. A detachable backpack also zips on to the front in case you decide to check the bag or for easier transport when your bags aren’t checked. All the compartments are well-padded and it’s got dual-sided water bottle pockets and an mp3 player headphone port. It’s the small things like this that keep me from feeling like as much of a junk show while navigating through airport security.