Ponderosa Golf Course to Open!

Ponderosa Golf CourseWell, it’s May and even though there is some skiing left, I’m switching modes. Last fall, the owners announced that the 9-hole Ponderosa Golf Course in Truckee would not reopen. Just outside of Sierra Meadows, the course was just a few minutes from my house. A locals’ gem among many expensive, high-end courses around town, many were saddened to see it go. The word was that the owner’s didn’t want to run it anymore because of competition from the resort courses. The airport bid on it, but could only offer the appraised value ($3.1 million) and the owners didn’t want to sell at that price. Last weekend, we learned that the course is going to open after all! The Truckee Parks and Rec department will run it and hopes to reduce prices and increase local programs. The photo to the left was taken two weeks ago when we played the unopened course for what we thought would be the last time. Nothing like the losing something for a little while to make you appreciate it even more.

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  • That is awesome news! It was disheartening to think that one of the last “local” and affordable golf courses in the area was closing because it was a losing venture. Now folks other than the uber-wealthy can enjoy golfing in Truckee again.

  • Knob

    The Ponderosa opens today and we are going to play at 10:30 am. The Parks and Rec department wants to improve the condition of this already stellar 9 hole course. Pass the word to friends and family about affordable, quality golf right in our own back yard. Unlimited play season passes available for $450 and twilight rounds for $20.