Evolution of a Mountain Man

Matt Herriger’s theatrical debut, Winter’s Wind
Former Tahoe resident, cinematographer, and lifelong ski bum Matt Herriger has completed his first independent film called Winter’s Wind. After years of honing his skills shooting for TGR, Matty “Moo”, has added himself to the growing cadre of ski filmmakers who insist on multi year projects to achieve their cinematic goals (i.e. Deeper, Further, All. I. Can., Solitaire). The movie is about following your dreams as a skier and features real life ski icons Scot Schmidt, Micah Black and Gary Bingham among others. For more about Matt Herriger and his new project check out “The Razor’s Edge” in the 2012 Powder Photo Annual.

Theatrical trailer for Winter’s Wind

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  • It seems ok, but I can’t help but to feel like there is something missing in the trailer, I would have liked to see a little bit more excitement and tension, wouldn’t you?

  • Rob

    I tend to agree with you Sofia. Knowing Matt’s passion and experience in the mountains, I’ve got to assume the film itself will have more stirring footage than presented in the trailer.