Tecnica Cochise Pro Light

By Rob McCormick

Now that ski season finally showed up, I have skied my Tecnica Cochise Pro Lights enough to write a proper review. With designs inspired by the late Arnie Backstrom, Tecnica wasted no time jumping into the AT/Sidecountry boot market. First with the Tecnica Cochise Pro and now with it’s lighter cousin the Cochise Pro Light. The Pro Light saves weight in several ways. It replaced the top strap/buckle combo used on the Cochise Pro with just a power strap. The remaining three buckles are made from lighter material, the rubber instep grip has been removed and a lighter Intuition Liner has been used. All said and done the modifications save roughly half pound per boot.

Moving on to performance, the Cochise Pro Light handles better on both the uphill and descent than my previous high performance AT boots. I started off on the right foot (no pun intended) by getting custom footbeds and cooking the liners. From day one they fit like a dream. The transition from walk to ski mode is flawless with a simple pull up on a strap for walk and easy push down for ski. The walk mobility is phenomenal! Tremendous range of motion on the climb and amazingly comfy for post ski walking back to the car or bar. I usually can’t wait to get my boots off after skiing. With the Pro Light, I can transition right into apres ski without wasting valuable time switching out of boots. Last but definitely not least, the Cochise Pro Light skis like a champ. The exceptional hybrid performance can be attributed to the cuff mobility system, which uses metal to metal contact between the cuff and the shell. It goes without saying they are Dynafit compatible and all high wear parts can be replaced. I have an extremely low volume foot so I had to take up some space in the toe box. Beyond that, no blisters, no pressure points, no discomfort, super mobile on the up and rocking on the down. I can’t wait to take these things on longer tours as the spring cycle kicks into gear.