The new and improved Wild Flour Bakery.

The remodeled ground level of Olympic House is open for business. Wild Flour bakery has tripled in size and has added heartier breakfast items to its lineup of tasty baked goods. The elevated section in front of Wild Flour that looked like a cheesy carnival room has been removed and wooden picnic tables have been added in front of the fireplace. The wall on the west side of the room has been blown out and replaced with comfy lounge furniture, a fireplace, and windows facing Cushing Pond and KT. For parents, the lounge is strategically located between the video arcade and a new kids play zone. More importantly, it’s just downstairs from Bar One and a short skip to the Chammy. Lockers and remodeled bathrooms occupy the hallway where the arcade used to be. Basically KSL has taken a disgusting, outdated space and turned it into a contemporary ski lodge that has something for everyone.