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McConkey documentary premieres at Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival hosted the world premiere of the McConkey documentary last Sunday. The film is a heartfelt examination of the life of Shane McConkey. Principal editor David Zieff and the Matchstick team of Steve Winter, Murray Weis and Scott Gaffney were in attendance along with Sherry McConkey, JT Holmes, Rob Bruce and many other friends and family.

JT Holmes and Sherry McConkey

David Zieff answers questions after the film.

Co-Director Scott Gaffney with Jim McConkey.

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Shane McConkey Documentary Trailer

Red Bull Media House and Matchstick Productions are producing a documentary on the life and legend of Shane McConkey. The film is being made with the help of Rob Bruce, Scott Gaffney and documentary filmmaker David Zieff. Here is the promotional trailer for the film expected to be released in 2013.