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Troy Caldwell confirms Squaw and Alpine to connect via White Wolf

Unofficial Squaw reporter Miles Clark met with Troy Caldwell recently to discuss the connection of Squaw and Alpine through Troy’s White Wolf property. Apparently, Troy has no intention of selling the property to Squaw outright but intends to partner with KSL to fulfill his vision for White Wolf resort and ski area. Check out the interview courtesy of Unofficial Networks:
Miles Clark Interview with Troy Caldwell

The Keymaster : Moonshine Ink gets the skinny from Troy Caldwell

With the legal merger of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows now complete, Troy Caldwell holds the cards in connecting the two ski areas. Troy’s White Wolf property, complete with lift towers already installed, is the obvious link between Squaw and Alpine, which would create a mega resort with over 6,000 square acres of skiable terrain. How did Troy obtain this piece of land? What does he think can be done with it? Moonshine Ink gets the scoop from Troy himself. Check it out here: Troy Caldwell talks about White Wolf