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March On!

March is off to a stellar start both in bounds and in the backcountry. We found heaps of pow on what ended up being a nine hour tour last Saturday. We skied several different lines along the way with vertical drops ranging from 400 to 1,800 feet per run.

Robb Gaffney and Rob McCormick somewhere between here and there

Avalanche Cancels Day One of Freeride Tour Tram Face Contest

A large avalanche occurred on Tram Face at Squaw Valley this morning, just minutes before competitors were to start their runs. The contest is part of the Nissan Freeride World Tour. Witnesses in the vicinity of tram Tower One said the slide released spontaneously about 30 feet below them.  More than a dozen competitors were standing on a knoll about 40 feet from the crown of the avalanche.  The slide flushed out the face below the competitors and spilled over a large cliff band. Here’s a video of the slide from the valley floor, near the Olympic Village Inn.


As the producers at Nut Hut Studios are still experimenting with editing tools, we discovered that some clips from Greybird were zoomed in during the stabilization process.  This resulted in skiers being removed or clipped from portions of scenes that were accurately framed in original footage.  Please forgive the oversight and enjoy this smoother version of the movie.