Fabulous February!

By Rob McCormick

Just when it was starting to seem as if the ski season had fallen asleep at the wheel we got hammered with a multi day, super low moisture content storm. This is the third storm of the season that has approached the 100 inch mark along the Pacific Crest. Lots of shoveling, lots of skiing and lots of smiles. Last Thursday the backcountry was alive beneath our feet as slow moving rivers of unconsolidated snow flowed around us on low angle terrain. The bottom was nowhere in sight. Whoomphing, shooting cracks and snow settling under my skis led me to finally ski Squaw Valley on Friday and Saturday. It was fantastic! Deep, dry, friendly snow and hilarious hucking everywhere. Two skiers had to be dug out from their landings on Adrenaline Rock on Saturday. By Sunday the backcountry was setting up and firing on all cylinders. What else could go right? Well, cold sunny weather followed the storm cycle and kept conditions rocking this week.

Squaw Valley’s improved service standards continue to reverse the curse that has shadowed the ski area for decades. My sister was stuck on a chairlift yesterday for a half hour and guess what happened when she finally unloaded? She was met by a dozen apologetic ski patrollers and a complimentary future lift ticket! That sure as hell would not have happened in the past.

The future looks bright as another storm rolls in this Thursday and Friday and should give way to another weekend of phenomenal conditions. More storms on par the following week. Yay!

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  • Great video! I love the lake in the background with the skiers. You can look outside and see the weather changing but it’s nice to have visual evidence.

  • James Barry

    Wow. Sweet footie, Rob. Bummed to have missed it. I am going to make one of those soon…

    I hope you all are well…

  • SICK! So glad I was there to ski that storm. Hands down the best week of deep, deep powder skiing I have ever enjoyed. Nice meeting you bro, good work.