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Chasing the Dragon

Although the past two ski seasons were not known for their consistency or quality, we still had some great days.  Here’s a look back at a few highlights from 2012 and 2013.

Chasing the Dragon from Nut Hut Studios on Vimeo.

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McConkey documentary premieres at Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival hosted the world premiere of the McConkey documentary last Sunday. The film is a heartfelt examination of the life of Shane McConkey. Principal editor David Zieff and the Matchstick team of Steve Winter, Murray Weis and Scott Gaffney were in attendance along with Sherry McConkey, JT Holmes, Rob Bruce and many other friends and family.

JT Holmes and Sherry McConkey

David Zieff answers questions after the film.

Co-Director Scott Gaffney with Jim McConkey.

Film Reviews for McConkey
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Nine Tribeca Films you'll soon be hearing about review of McConkey written by Ingrid Backstrom

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Bring the Pain!

It’s that time of year for the greatest ski competition known to man or woman…The Pain McShlonkey Classic! Along with the Classic comes their annual promotional video. This year’s effort was produced by Matt Palmer and Grant Kaye.

3rd Annual Pain McShlonkey Classic | Of. Course. I. Can. from Squaw Valley on Vimeo.

In other McConkey related news the documentary on Shane’s life has been selected as a Spotlight Film for the Tribeca Film Festival held next month in New York City.
McConkey In Tribeca Film Festival coverage from the Ski Channel

Here is more information on the Pain McShlonkey Classic and the fundraising efforts of the McConkey Foundation courtesy of Freeskier:
Freeskier coverage of PMS

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Sherpas continue to step up

If you’re going to do something many others are already doing, you may as well be different. From high performance cameras and renowned athletes, to computer graphics and promotional efforts, Sherpas Cinema spare nothing when it comes to making their ski films extraordinary. Adding climbing legends Jimmy Chin and Conrad Anker to their tribe only stands to further enrich their quest for the high alpine terrain embodied in their namesake. The Sherpas are halfway through their latest two year project called Into the Mind. Here’s a look into the future:

Into The Mind – Official Teaser from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

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Group Shred segment from All. I. Can

This edit from the Sherpas Cinema release All. I. Can shows that it is still possible to create groundbreaking cinematography.  It just takes more effort. The Sherpas are half way through their next two year project called Into the Mind.

The Group Shred (from All.I.Can) from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

Check out our 2011 review of All. I. Can here:
SBDC Review of All. I. Can.

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Legend of Aahhhs Tahoe Premiere November 2 at OVL

Squaw Valley Institute presents the Tahoe Premiere of Greg Stump’s “Legend of Aahhhs”. The film will be preceded by a panel discussion with Scot Schmidt, Timy Dutton, Robb Gaffney and Greg Stump.

Details on Legend of Aahhhs Premiere at OVL

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Further Preview

Further - Jeremy JonesFurther Promotional Reel Courtesy of ESPN

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Shane McConkey Documentary Trailer

Red Bull Media House and Matchstick Productions are producing a documentary on the life and legend of Shane McConkey. The film is being made with the help of Rob Bruce, Scott Gaffney and documentary filmmaker David Zieff. Here is the promotional trailer for the film expected to be released in 2013.

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Long Awaited Legend of Aahhhs is FINALLY Released!

Back in 2009, SBDC ran a post about the status of Greg Stump’s monumental film project called the Legend of Aahhhs. The movie was slated to be released later that year. Well it’s 2012 now and apparently Stumpy has conquered legal battles, focus groups and anything else standing in his way and the film is finally done. We are not sure if/when a Tahoe premiere is in store but it can’t come soon enough. Though somewhat of a deviant and frequently misunderstood, Greg is one of the most provocative, influential and compelling ski filmmakers of all time.

Theatrical trailer for the originally anticipated release date of 2009:

Mr. Stumps progression as a man child:

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Powder Sequence from Janky Films, Boot Deep

I like the fact the Janky Films Crew don’t take themselves to seriously. However, there is nothing janky about this gorgeous powder edit from their 2011 release, Boot Deep. The storm system for later this week is predicted to start wet which is exactly what we need to get a base going from scratch. Drier snow is expected by the end of the weekend. It won’t likely be the Alta quality found in this segment but let’s hope for the best. Do yourself a favor and watch it full screen with good sound…it’s a gem!

Boot Deep Powder Segment 2011 from JANKYfilms on Vimeo.

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