bula stereohead  
Ski Press’ Anne-
Marie Boissonnault
models the Bula
Stereohead hat
in our booth.
With a smile like
this around, it’s
hard to complain.

I lead a privileged life. I skied five consecutive powder days last week and six in a row earlier in January. I’m reminding myself of these things as I walk down the aisles of the SIA show in Vegas in a daze, fondling gear and gazing at life-sized ski photos, while Tahoe is getting hammered. The calls have been coming in all week. “Yesterday was the best day of my life,” a friend taunts. “Get to the airport and get on a plane now,” insisted another this morning. I just got a call and learned that it’s snowing two inches an hour. The forecast is calling for a foot and a half today, on top of the fifteen feet that Tahoe got during the month of January. And I’ve been running around, flexing skis, dodging drunk snowboarder punks on motorized carts, collecting swag and trying to stay positive. I wish I was watching the snow pile up instead of schmoozing around a convention center, but I have to remember that I’m living my dream of a career in the ski industry. And that career is just a fancy word for work. Plus, today I can finally say that I’ll be home tomorrow (fingers crossed).