Exit Strategy is film about skiers who choose to leave the crowds, boundaries and other limitations of ski resorts in search of untracked powder and a more satisfying ski experience. Filmed during the superb ski season of 2010, the movie features a cast of North Lake Tahoe locals including Squallywood Author Dr. Robb Gaffney. Though primarily backcountry focused, Exit Strategy has plenty of in bounds powder footage from Squaw Valley, much of which showcases Squaw’s rowdiest lines from the point of view perspective. The film also includes a trip to the legendary ridge of Bridger Bowl as well as tours of Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta in Northern California. The movie captures real people with typical lives and jobs who find ski touring and mountaineering to be the most rewarding of all recreational pursuits.

Exit Strategy is an independent project that began as a hobby and ended up being a full length ski movie. It was never intended for mass production or retail sale. It will be posted indefinitely on the home page of skiing-blog.com.

Exit Strategy
Directed and Produced by Rob McCormick
Running Time: 42 minutes