It’s beginning to seem like a broken record. Just when you think you must have made your last powder turns of the year, it’s dumping again and time to make a game plan for the following day. Heavy snow Saturday afternoon and evening led to another great day Sunday. A friend of mine reported over the thigh blower early Sunday morning. I had to work during the day but was able to get out in the late afternoon. The snow had warmed up but it still skied like creamy perfection. Wet slides were starting to occur just over 40 degrees but if you kept a few degrees under that it skied great with no slough management necessary.

Squaw Valley was packed! Huge lift lines on KT and Cable Car. Village shops and restaurants were bustling. It felt more like President’s Day Weekend than Memorial Day Weekend.

Many locals are depressed by the continuing trend of winter weather. Mountain biking, jeeping and other high elevation activities are still a long way off. I am ready for summer like everyone else. But at this point I hope we get another storm just to say we rode powder from November through June in what stands as one of the biggest winters in the last 50 years.

Here’s video of the new snow and subsequent riding on May 28th and 29th: