Rich Meyer leads the team toward a huge fracture on Granite Chief.

Mountain Guide Rich Meyer, Squaw ski patroller Will Paden and Sportgevity founder and local psychiatrist Robb Gaffney teamed up to host the first ever avalanche awareness class for kids at Squaw Valley. Six big mountain team member kids ages 11 to 13 were treated to an exciting and informative session at Squaw Valley. Much of the course took place under the crown and on the debris field of a class three avalanche that ripped down Granite Chief during the massive Christmas storm cycle. The course covered many topics ranging from backcountry travel techniques to avalanche awareness and safety. The course also touched on human factors and reviewed modern technology such as avalanche beacons, slope angle Iphone apps and avalanche airbags. The kids learned a ton, had fun and even got in a few nice pow turns on the shoulder of Granite. Hopefully this will be the start of a new evolution in avalanche awareness and mountain safety for kids. Sportgevity is a campaign founded by Robb Gaffney which focuses on sustainability and longevity in the sports we love.

Sportgevity Website Coverage of the Kids Avalanche Course

The kids check out a six foot avalanche crown on Granite Chief.

The kids get a little classroom time in the Squaw Patrol room before heading out.

Veteran Squaw patroller and avalanche expert Will Paden shared a wealth of knowledge and insight with the kids.