Mark Durgin has the deepest day of his life on Sunday, February 17, 2019.

This ski season is officially off the rails. Three enormous storm cycles have rocked the Tahoe region over the last three weeks, each of a magnitude that would stand out for an entire ski season. The heaviest snow has fallen on weekends and kicked off the first, second and third weeks of the month as “best ski day in a decade” type conditions.

The Tahoe region averages one storm a season which drops three feet of snow in 24 hours. We have received three such storms so far this month. The all time February snowfall record has been broken just over halfway through the the month. Locals are beat down from shoveling and endless snow removal routines. The powder skiing has been all time day after astounding day.

Just when you think you are done shoveling a roof-a-lanche adds another hour to your schedule.
Town of Truckee rolls out the heavy artillery late into the night.
Rob and Ethan McCormick sink into the powder vortex at Homewood.
Squaw Valley’s Tram Face is stacked and racked. Photo by Grant Kaye.
Another picture perfect day in the Truckee backcountry.