benson hutYesterday I went to Squaw to check out the 48Straight events. While the competition was exciting, the slopes were wall to wall with people. Today, I’m getting away from the crowds and heading out on an overnight trip to the Benson Hut. The Sierra Club hut sits on Anderson Ridge above Truckee, between Squaw and Sugar Bowl. Our group of eight will head out from the top of Sugar Bowl’s Lincoln Chair this morning. The skin to the hut along the ridge takes around two hours. Then it’ll be time to drop our stuff, settle in and make some ski laps. Tomorrow morning we’ll have time for some more laps, before skiing down into Coldstream Canyon. On our way out, we’ll pass the Lost Trail Lodge and then return to Truckee. The weather is supposed to be warm (highs in the low 50’s and relatively calm and clear) so hopefully we’ll get some corn. I’ll post a trip report when I return.