Wet weather started the week before Presidents’ Day, breaking a long dry spell and dumping almost eight feet of snow on Squaw’s upper mountain. The skiing for the next two weeks was insanely good. There was the epic bluebird day on Tuesday, February 17th (which I missed for babysitting duty) and deep backcountry conditions which were irresistible and also dangerous; last Friday these guys witnessed a huge slide in the Cabin Creek area. I got a new video camera, the Flip HD Mino, which is tiny and light and takes great quality video and audio. I made My First Ski Video … now I just need to work on finding the good light and keeping my hand steady. The rain came in yesterday morning and has stuck around melting out and dirtying up the precious snow. Fortunately a winter weather advisory is back in effect and snow is forecast throughout the week. The long-anticipated tram face contest is happening this week at Squaw. It should make for some exciting spectating from the parking lot or one of the higher streets in the Valley. We’re planning on heavy-duty duty tailgating and video-reporting so check back here for updates.