Summer home?


Snowbanks almost reaching power lines in Serene Lakes

Schallenberger Ridge

Post storm sunrise over Mt. Rose

Donner Lake enters the Nice Age

If the amount of snowfall this year is starting to seem like something special that’s because it is.  Ski areas are having to trench below lifts to keep them from hitting the ground, cars are buried beyond recognition, and first floor views have disappeared. With resorts on the west side of Tahoe exceeding 600 inches it’s time to start looking where this winter stacks up historically. Tahoe Weather Discussion provides a great recap of years past and the direction we are heading: A look at where this winter is headed vs. past big seasons.

The recent storm dropped five to seven feet of snow.  The next round comes in tonight and a cycle of several more storms will continue through the weekend.

Walkway at the PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn

Truckee residence

Typical first floor view