This doesn’t feel like 50% of normal. Rob McCormick in SLT Backcountry.

We are about halfway through a ski season we knew would be strange from the start. Despite the clutch of Covid, NorCal skiers have much to be grateful for. Ski areas have been able to operate with Covid protocol and the lifts have kept spinning. The skiing has been remarkably good considering we have been hovering around 50% of normal snowfall for most of the season. On the downside, coverage below 7K was thin until late January and a persistent weak layer has been lurking for most of the season. Traffic has been insane on big snow weekends and restaurants have only been serving to go food but those are first world problems, right? An atmospheric river that fell entirely (and atypically) as snow kicked us into high gear at the end of January. A few more refills since then have kept the glass half full.

Perfect surface conditions but spooky layers deep in the snowpack between Christmas and New Years.
A persistent weak layer formed on December 11 has required skiers to make wise terrain choices for much of the season.
Feelin’ slabby?
Know before you go.
A cold late January system dropped 4 to 6 feet of snow and opened up the low elevation trailheads.
The late January storm also brought the crowds. Squaw One line on January 29.
Welcome to the pleasure dome.
Grant Kaye enjoys steep, stable pow on Valentine’s Day.
Greg Martin drops into the icebox.
Pow day!
Robb Gaffney slays mid winter corn.
Lawn chairs, cooler, and camp stove in your car at ALL times = pro level tailgate.